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Curriculum Vitae

Benny Vejlgaard
Sdr. Tranders Parken 4
DK - 9260 Gistrup
Phone: +45 22917713
E-mail: benny@vejlgaard.org

Work History:

November 2016-present: Principal RF System Engineer at Intel in Aalborg, Denmark
  • Head of RF System Engineering team for RF subsystem cellular development
  • Responsible for 5G NR mmWave calibration and mass production factory line verification
  • Key technical contact for Apple for mmWave calibration and mass production
  • Development of RF transceiver on-chip solution for self-verification. The solution enables EVM, ACLR and other KPIs (according to 3GPP) to be measured over full dynamic range and channels within the modem. The solution is developed for:
    • Intel RF transceiver SMARTi8TM
    • Intel RF transceiver SMARTi9TM

    June 2016-November 2016: Associate Professor (Lektor) at Aalborg University
  • Research on Internet of Things with focus on wide area low cost connectivity
  • Building IoT Living Lab at Aalborg University with all key IoT solutions
  • IoT Smart City Aalborg project together with the City of Aalborg. The project focuses on enabling Smart City Aalborg by analyzing IoT use cases and IoT technologies.

    January 2016-June 2016: Principal RF Concept Engineer and Project Manager at Intel in Aalborg, Denmark
  • Production calibration and verification methods and production flow optimizations
  • RF front end configuration and settings for multi RAT and multi component carrier configurations
  • Multi SIM configuration for dual standby and dual active SIM solutions
  • SW configuration management and RF FW release flow for continuous integration
  • Trace and debug concepts for RF FW

    December 2010-December 2015: Head of Nokia Networks Technology Center Aalborg, Denmark.
  • Management responsibilities:
    • Site manager for Aalborg site
    • Line manager @ Nokia Radio Research with 13 NSN employees and 24 subcontractors from Aalborg University.
    • Project manager for 5G MTC concept development
    • Project manager for cellular NB IoT - cellular M2M communications
    • Project manager for Nokia's Deployment Research in collaboration with key global NSN customers.
    • Member of Radio Research leadership team
  • Technical responsibilities:
    • Leading Nokia's IoT connectivity strategy with presentation and approval by the Nokia Networks executive board.
    • Leading the Nokia concept development of NB IoT (IoT radio architect):
      • Developed NB IoT (LTE based) solution from 2013-15. Single PRB (180 kHz) based IoT solution based on LTE numerology.
      • Delivering 3GPP contributions for RAN1..4 on NB IoT
    • Leading Nokia's 5G MTC radio research for mission critical and ultra reliable communications
      • Developing a native low cost wide area IoT solution based on Nokia's 5G concept
      • Concept development for ultra reliability MTC with low latency
    • Joint research with vertical sectors for IoT with special focus on key automotive makers.
    • Radio research for LTE & HSPA
    • Network evolution research for 5G, LTE, HSPA, & Wi-Fi networks
    • Multi RAT and multi layer heterogeneous network research
    • Traffic steering for multi layer and multi RAT research
    • Active antenna research for vertical sectorization and 3D beamforming
    • 3D propagation modeling
    • Standardization research for 3GPP Rel. 13
    June 2003-November 2010: Senior Principal Engineer and Senior Manager System Technology Modem at Infineon Technologies Aalborg, Denmark.
  • Management responsibilities:
    • Global line & functional manager @ Infineon with a total of 80 engineers located in Aalborg and Singapore:
      • RF SW drivers (2G, 3G, LTE)
      • RF engine development
      • Production and Calibration tools
    • Technical lead for customer acquisitions (including several tier one customers)
    • Responsible for customer acquisition of both Apple and LGE for Infineon. Drove the initial discussions with the customer and ensured timely delivery of early system evaluation to validation of UMTS and HSDPA SW and RF performance
    • Part of the Infineon Aalborg management team
    • Responsible for building up a local customer support team in San Jose (onsite for 3 month)
    • Mentoring of colleagues and new employees
    • Training of new employees and customer
  • Technical responsibilities:
    • Project manager for innovation project – DCXO
    • Project manager for LTE research project – 4GMCT
    • System engineering of “Best in class modem”
    • Project manager for RF SW architecture Infineon’s UMTS/HSDPA platforms
    • Lead architect for production calibration and validation for Infineon platforms
    • Modem Architect for the Apple & Infineon mobile projects, resulting in iPhone 1, iPhone 3, iPhone 3S, and iPhone 4
    • Optimize call performance in live network – optimizing the network and mobile interactions
    • Senior principal on the Infineon technical ladder
    • Project manager for numerous focus teams on platforms and customer projects
    • Implementation, validation, and bug fixing of numerous customer projects
    • SW implementation, validation, and debugging
    August 2000-June 2003: System Architect and manager for the Technology Management group at Siemens ICM in San Diego.
  • Manager for the Technology Management group
  • Management and coordination of the tasks within the technology management group of 13 engineers ranging from RF, systems engineering to SW and applications.
  • Responsibility for all predevelopment activities required for US specific technologies within Siemens ICM
  • Point of contact for US customer for technical issues and questions
  • Define and coordinate US specific requirements for our global roadmap.
  • Project manager for the implementation and verification of E911 location service (E-OTD) for Siemens S46 dual technology handset
  • Coordinate all test and verification with AT&T for customer approval
  • Siemens representative in the joint industry forum to clarify interoperability issues for commercial deployment of E-OTD
  • System design & project manager for a Text Telephony (TTY) project
  • Siemens representative in a join industry forum to deploy TTY within digital mobile phones
  • Project manager for the EDGE predevelopment activities in San Diego
  • Specify and simulate the requirements for EDGE RF and baseband components based on realistic interference scenarios in the US cellular and PCS bands.
  • Project manager for the predevelopment activities for GSM850 employment and implementation.

    August 1995-August 2000: FW engineer at Bosch Telekom in Pandrup, Denmark
    During the 5-year period, I have worked for Dancall Telecom, which was acquired by Bosch Telecom in 1997. Then later in 2000 Siemens Mobile Phones acquired Bosch Telecom. I worked with GSM chip-set design and development for the first 2 years until the Bosch Telecom acquisition. The following three years I have been involved with systems and baseband chip-set design for a UMTS chip-set. My main responsibilities at Dancall/Bosch/Siemens were design of receiver algorithms and specification of GSM and UMTS handsets.
    • UMTS work: I worked with algorithm, architecture, and DSP development for a chip-set development for UMTS. My areas of responsibility included:
      • Channel model development and implementation.
      • Standardization activities and attending SMG2/3GPP meetings within ETSI
      • Rake receiver design including channel estimation, acquisition, and tracking for realistic channel conditions.
      • Four patent applications have been filed based on my work with UMTS.
    • GSM work: I have worked with design and implementation of a single chip baseband GSM chip-set, where I have designed and implemented the following:
      • Design and implementation of channel estimation and time and frequency synchronization in the GSM baseband chip-set. These algorithms are programmed in a fixed point DSP. The algorithms have been verified through simulations performed in C.
      • Implementation of a soft output Viterbi equalizer and a Viterbi decoder in the GSM chip-set. The Viterbi algorithm was implemented in hardware using VHDL.
      • Implementation of the GSM full rate speech coding functions in the DSP in the baseband chip-set.
      • GSM standardization activities and attending SMG2 meetings within ETSI
    1994-1995: Tutoring job in four graduate classes at Aalborg University, Denmark.

    Educational background:
    1998-2000: I graduated from Aalborg University with a Ph.D. titled “Data Receiver for the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS)”. The project dealt with data receivers for wideband CDMA with emphasizes on the following areas:
    • Radio channel simulation and modeling.
    • Analysis of the sampling rate and dynamic range of ADC in the analog interface.
    • A theoretical and practical analysis of the Rake receiver.
    • Investigation and improvement of the channel estimation algorithms for UMTS.
    • Analysis and simulation of the code phase acquisition in UMTS.
    • A practical solution to multi-paths searching and Rake finger management.
    1990-1995: I graduated from Aalborg University with a master's degree in electrical engineering and a specialization in telecommunications in June 1995.
    Master's thesis: My master's thesis concerns capacity analysis of the GSM system when slow frequency hopping is applied. The major issues in my thesis were radio wave propagation (both long and short term fading) and implementation of some GSM protocols. These protocols were mainly power control, slow frequency hopping, handover, and voice activity detection. The thesis was made in cooperation with the Nokia Telecommunications. The thesis was concluded with the grade 11 on a 13-point scale.

    1989-1990: Pre-engineering at Central State University, Edmond, Oklahoma, USA. This year's studies emphasized calculus, physics, and chemistry. The grade point average (GPA) was 4.0 on a 4-point scale for the year. I was honored with the Outstanding Freshman Award in mathematics and the Beginning Achievement Award in physics.

    1987-1988: Graduated from Cashion High School, Oklahoma, USA with a GPA of 3.6 (on a 4-point scale).

    Personal data: I am 48 years old and married with Dorthe. We have two sons; Daniel at 13 years and Peter at 11 year. During my spare time, I enjoy my family and the great outdoors including running, fishing, skiing, hunting, hiking, and sailing.

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